Visiting Residents and Fellows

Visiting residents interested in participating in elective rotations at the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson must complete the Visiting Resident Application. Participation in any election rotation will be allowed on a space-available basis. Selection dates must have final approval from the host department program director.


Please complete the application form in its entirety and email it with a letter from your program director to Annette Gallardo at

Application Form

Please download the form to your computer. Not all web browsers support fillable PDFs. 

When your requested rotation and dates have been approved by the host department’s program director, you will receive a notification from New Innovations regarding a checklist for the required information/documents (listed below) that are needed to complete your application. The visiting resident will not be allowed to participate in the rotation until all items in the checklist have been completed. Please note that housing/travel/meals are not provided.

  1. License/training permit: Visiting residents who do not have their own Arizona medical license or Arizona post-graduate training permit must complete the appropriate training permit application (fees are $50 for either the Arizona Medical Board or the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners). Participation in an elective rotation is contingent upon visiting resident’s ability to obtain the applicable training permit.
  2. Demographics information: Please complete this form in New Innovations.
  3. Medical school diploma: Visiting residents must provide a copy of their medical school diploma.
  4. Curriculum vitae: Visiting residents must provide a copy of their curriculum vitae.
  5. Immunizations: Visiting residents must provide documentation of two MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccines or a positive titer of each of these; two varivax (chickenpox) vaccine or a positive titer; seasonal flu vaccine; proof of negative TB done in the past 12 months (either by skin test, negative IGRA; Tspot can be substituted for a single QuantiFERON blood test), or a negative chest X-ray and sign/symptom screen; COVID-19 vaccination
  6. Malpractice Insurance: Visiting residents must provide proof of professional medical liability with coverage amounts no less than $1,000,000/claim and $3,000,000/aggregate must be provided (either a copy of the policy or a letter of proof from your home institution). No medical malpractice insurance will be provided by the University of Arizona.
  7. ECFMG Certificate: If applicable, visiting residents must provide a copy of ECFMG certificate.
  8. Program Letter of Agreement (PLA): The University of Arizona requires a PLA with the home institution prior to participation in a training program. We will work with your program and home institution to complete this.

Note: Visiting residents must currently be in an ACGME or ACGME-I accredited program and must allow 90-120 days to process the application.